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If my number isn't found, do I get a refund?

Yes. You get a no questions asked refund that is done by simply clicking a refund button in our members area. You can cancel anytime if our serice isn't 100% what you are looking for.

Will the person I'm looking for know I searched for them?

No. We don't provide any of your personal information to ANYONE. Period. This service is 100% secure, and none of the personal data you provide if you register will EVER be included into our search database.

Is your service like all the "others"?

Just because you couldn't find a number in a database with another "look up" service, doesn't man it isn't in our. Plus if it isn't, you get an INSTANT refund. No worries.

Do you include both Cell Phone and Land Lines in your database?

Yes. We have over 250 million phone records which include both LAND and CELL phones. If we don't have the information on the number you are looking for, no one does.

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